SKF (Sweden)

logo SKF companySKF company was founded in 1907 after Sven Wingquist invention of self-alignment ball bearing. In development process SKF turned into company if engineering solutions using unique knowledge potential, accumulated in five spheres. These spheres cover bearings, bearing assembles and seals, lubricating systems and materials, mechatronic units , thus integrating knowledge from mechanical and electronic fields both into more efficient linear motion systems and bearings with sensors built in along with wide range of services from making projects and managing reserves to equipment condition monitoring and building reliability systems. They are making production, which has unique characteristics and no analogues in range of other manufacturers.

During more than 100 year existence SKF had achieved outstanding results:

20% of world market
8000 offices in 140 countries
110 plants in 28 countries
More than 1 billion bearings per year

SKF concern is able to offer customers almost whole range of essential production. Its units are presenting almost in every product containing rolling parts – from paper making machine to roller skates. Swedish concern is considered to be the trendsetter in bearing development and manufacturing where long time of exploitation and minimum maintenance combination is needed.
Extra pure steel and ceramic, technology of precision assembly which are used in SKF manufacturing let multiply durability and reliability, decrease vibrations and reduce maintenance expenses.

SKF Industrial Service Centre in Moscow is functioning since 2004. It carries out the next aims:

Rolling bearings repair
- Spherical and cylinder rolling bearings with outer diameter over 250 mm
- Large size roller bearings with outer diameter up to 1250 mm
Spindle repair
Supplementary services
- Bearing assemblies all-round modernization, including paper making machine housings adaptation to CARB bearings
- Technical maintenance service for various support rollers, including multi-shafted cold rolling mills support rollers and rotary units.

SKF has opened in Moscow the first in Russia Technical Maintenance and Reliability SKF Institute training center. The project has been realized together with Bauman Moscow State Technical University. Every interested person can get education course in the modern training center, equipped with SKF outfit according to the next courses:

Pro-active maintenance systems and skills
Rolling bearings lubrication,
Bearing assemblies and its exploitation,
Bearing assemblies and its maintenance

Huge professional experience, accumulated during long time of SKF existence lets supply specialists with necessary knowledge in hi-tech materials and innovation techniques area.

Podshipnik-Service JSC is official distributor of SKF from year 1994.

OPTIBELT (Germany)

logo OPTIBELTOptibelt GmbH is one of the world leading belts manufacturers for 126 years. The product range is divided for 4 manufacturing sectors, 5 trade offices and 15 trade representatives over the world.
From the beginning Optibelt had chosen dynamic development strategy and gained reputation of reliable business partner and only high quality products manufacturer. Unlike other similar products manufacturers Optibelt aims at making its production available to customers by price profitably distinguishable from analogues. Excellent belts quality and its high transmission features are confirmed with ISO 9001 Quality Certificate and make guaranty for enlarged time and comfort of exploitation.

Podshipnik-Service JSC is official distributor of Optibelt GmbH from year 1999.

COOPER (United Kingdom)

Cooper Bearings GroupCooper Bearings Group - the unique manufacturer of roller split bearings was founded in England in 1894. Split construction of Cooper bearings is its distinguishing peculiarity and is protected with 137 patents. All bearings elements – inner and outer rings, cage, cartridge and seals – consist from 2 parts. That allows to mount bearings on machine shaft exactly at the place where it will function without machine dismantling.
Cooper Bearings Group representatives and trade partners wide network exists more than in 30 countries.
Cooper Bearings Group production is in use of leading world companies in more than 40 countries in different fields of industry.

Podshipnik-Service JSC is official distributor of Cooper Bearings Group from year 2007.

LOCTITE (Germany)

logo Loctite corporationLoctite corporation was founded in Hartford in 1953 by chemistry professor from Trinity college and his son. Success of the company was provided by constant researches and developments, which are held from foundation till nowadays for more than 50 years.
Presently the researches are held in 4 scientific centers and 30 regional technical branches situated all over the world. Every year appear dozen of new Loctite products with widened apply recommendations due to constant investment in scientific researches. High quality of Loctite products is confirmed by certificate ISO 9002 and such world leading companies recognition, as Caterpillar, OSRAM, General Motors, Texas Instruments, Siemens, Ford, Motorola, Chrysler. Loctite products are in use at Russian companies for more than 10 years. In 2003 Loctite products were certified by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.

Range of Loctite products has approval of Russian branch industries engineering institutes. The company is organized with orientation at different market segments. These segments include the next directions:

Industrial machine building
Electronic industry
Repair and maintenance
Industrial manufacturing
Medicine equipment
Goods of national consumption
Auto service maintenance
On 15th of May, 2002 the company had been included in Henkel Group and changed its name to Henkel Loctite Corporation.

Podshipnik-Service JSC is official distributor of Henkel Loctite since year 2005.


logo Taerosol OyTaerosol Oy was founded in 1968 in Tampere, Finland. Taerosol company uses high quality raw materials for manufacturing its products. They withstand to low temperatures and safe for environment. Aluminum balloons which contain technical aerosols PRF do not become rusty and do not leak as soon they do not have seams.
That kind of containers is considered to be the best choice due to the next reasons:

Easy of use
Cleanness of working process
Possibility of use in hard to reach places
Longer  keeping time due to avoiding contact with air in hermetic container

Taerosol Oy makes long term investments in new products and technologies, and this gives opportunity to manufacture wide product range, satisfying consumption needs.

Podshipnik-Service JSC is official Taerosol Oy distributor since year 2005.

OKS (Germany)

logo German company OKS Spezialschmierstoffe GmbHGerman company OKS Spezialschmierstoffe GmbH is manufacturing special lubricating and technical chemical products for technical maintenance.
OKS production developed specially for extreme equipment work conditions, when pressure, temperature, loads exceed normal lubricators environment. The plant is located in Munich and manufactures more than 150 products.
OKS lubricating materials assortment includes:

Lubricating oil
Greasing paste
Dry lubricants
Mounting lubricators
Rusty protection lubricators
Since 2003 OKS Spezialschmierstoffe GmbH became part of international enterprises Feudenberg Group, Germany. All production is certified by TÜV according to DIN ISO 9001:2000.

Podshipnik-Service JSC is OKS Spezialschmierstoffe GmbH official distributor since year 2005.


logo FirestoneFirestone is world leading manufacturer of vibration isolating pads and actuators.

Podshipnik-Service JSC is official Firestone distributor since year 2006.


logo Pacific Bearing CompanyPacific Bearing Company is leading manufacturer of innovation linear and rotating motion products.
In 1982 Pacific Bearing became the first company developed linear split self lubricating bearings under Simplicity® technology.
Nowadays Pacific Bearings innovation developments exceed the bounds of flat bearings.
In addition to linear motors and cylinders Pacific bearing offers ball screw sets, driving screws and transmission belts.

Podshipnik-Service JSC is official distributor of Pacific Bearing Company since year 2006.


logo TsubakiMore than 90 years Japan company TSUBAKI is world manufacturer of transmission chains. Nowadays TSUBAKI is leading manufacturer of top quality chains with unique working time standards and range variety. Using of innovative technologies in manufacturing process had helped to achieve almost perfect forms of all chain elements.
Purchasing TSUBAKI chains, you are getting optimal type of chain transmission for any technical task solving. These chains will let you increase time of accident-free work of your equipment, thus increasing productivity and decreasing service costs.

Podshipnik-Service JSC became official TSUBAKI distributor in 2009.


logo ExairSince 1983 EXAIR company studies possibilities of more effective pressed air treatment and its consumption decreasing in various techno processes where air blow for cleaning, drying, cooling, environment separation is needed.

Podshipnik-Service JSC became official EXAIR distributor in 2010.

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