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Quality of equipment and its operating efficiency are directly related to increasing of service life and reliability of developing equipment. Longer period of smooth operation leads finally to a reduction in the cost of repairs, maintenance, and higher outputs. One of the factors, that have a significant impact on the durability of the equipment is the life of bearings and bearing units. Therefore, the choice of high-quality bearings is extremely important point in the design, calculation and installation of any equipment.

радиальные шарикоподшипники

The most common type of bearing are now the single row radial ball bearings. The design of this type of bearing is easy. At the same time this type of bearing has affordable prices. Feature of single row radial ball bearings is the ability to perceive the radial loads and minor axial loads.
When installed in a variety of units and mechanisms of these bearings, they are able to minor imperfections, typically 1 to 3’, but at an increased radial clearance this figure could go up to 10’. It is important to note that these distortions have a negative impact on the operation of this type of bearings, causing vibration and reduce uptime, due to improper distribution of pressure on the bearing raceways.
There are a number of designs-row radial ball bearings. In particular, the bearings with shields , placed both on one side, and with two sides. This feature also allows you to protect the work area from entering the bearing any contaminants (mostly dirt and dust) from the outside. To work in a highly contaminated fluids used bearings with integrated seals.
Field of use of radial ball bearings is wide. They are most widely used in electric motors, with small and medium power, and in gearboxes. Often, these bearings are used in machine tools and mechanisms, including the high-speed rotation.

самоустанавливающимися шарикоподшипники

Double row radial ball bearings are able to accept radial loads, but can also take small axial loads in both directions. They apply in cases where the load of single raw bearing is not enough. Double row self-aligning ball bearings are able to effectively compensate for shaft misalignment in housings up to 3 °, although the same bearings, but with seals can work normally only warps to 1,5°.
These bearings are used in a variety of mechanisms, units and assemblies with a high probability of a significant misalignment of bearing seats in consequence of various failures and shaft deflection. These bearings are used in textile plants, industrial fans, as well as in agricultural technology.

сферические шарикоподшипники

To work under heavy radial loads and also axial loads at low, apply double-row radial spherical roller bearings. Since these bearings are self-aligning, permitted to operate at skew shaft to 3°, the same bearings with internal seals - up to 0,5°.The main scope of these bearings are heavily loaded nodes, where possible distortions and misalignment of the shaft and housing.

радиальные роликовые подшипники

Radial roller bearings with long cylindrical rollers are used when only radial loads without axial. The design of these roller bearings is that they are extremely sensitive to even the minimum distortions of the outer rings under inner. These bearings are used in a limited range of equipment units, in most cases - it supports, that are affected by significant radial loads, and the frequency of rotation of such units is usually low.
For cases where the bearing must withstand heavy radial loads, use the radial roller bearings with short cylindrical rollers. Rapidity of these bearings is comparable with radial ball bearings, but there is a significant difference – these bearings are very sensitive to distortions. The smallest angle distortion in 1 'or 2' usually lead to the fact that the contact pressure is distributed unevenly, and this in turn leads to a drastic reduction in life these bearings. Its widespread these bearings were in heavy-duty machinery and plant sites: spindles of machine tools, motor vehicle equipment, etc. Radial roller bearings SKF this type have so-called "logarithmic" profile rollers, allowing normally use such bearings for distortions in the 2-3'.
For cases where it is necessary to provide high load capacity and rigidity, used two-and multi-row roller bearings with short cylindrical rollers, at the same time the bearings have small dimensions in the radial direction.

игольчатые роликоподшипники

Radial roller bearing with needle rollers are used in cases where the bearing affects only radial load. A distinctive feature of this type of bearing is that the length of the rollers relative to the diameter of more than 4. Its widely used in supports that are affected by significant radial loads.
Needle roller bearings without cage are used in cases of low rotating speeds, and also in cases of oscillating motion.

радиально-упорные шарикоподшипники

Angular contact ball bearings are characterized by their ability to take both radial and axial loads. Due to the fact that these bearings can accommodate axial loads in one direction only, in order to fix the shaft in both directions, it is necessary to mount two divergent bearings or can be set to one of the pillars two bearings.
Axial loads in both directions are able to accept single-row four-point contact ball bearings and double row bearings. In order to increase the axial load capacity, often use dual bearings that set on a "tandem". Using this scheme, set three, and sometimes four bearings.
Scope of the angular contact ball bearings - various sites, often highly accurate and fast, where the bearing should take radial and axial loads, such as spindle of grinders.

конические роликовые подшипники

Angular contact bearings with tapered rollers are also capable of simultaneous perception both radial and axial loads. For fixation of the shaft bearings are installed in pairs. To increase the perception of these bearings radial load as well as two-way axial load using two-row and four-row roller bearings of this type.
Apply this type of bearings in the gearbox, rolling mills, spindle, wheels of a car and airplane, etc.

упорные шарикоподшипники

Thrust ball bearings can be used in sites where there is only axial load. For one-way thrust are used single ball bearings of this type, and for two-way load - double ball bearings. Distinguish these types of bearings low rotation speed. If a high speed of shaft or axle is needed other types of bearings are used: radial ball bearings, angular contact, etc.
Its widespread these types of bearings have a low-speed sites with large axial loads: worm gear, the crane hook.

упорные цилиндрические роликоподшипники

Thrust roller bearings are used in the nodes, experiencing only the axial load. The feature of these bearings - small speed with which they can work properly, so in the case of high axial loads and high speeds most justified use of tapered roller bearings. To work in sites with one-way axial load single cylindrical and tapered roller bearings are used, the nodes with two-way load - double bearings.

опорные роликовые подшипники

Bearings - SKF support rollers are rolling bearings and is characterized by thick-walled outer ring. This feature allows the bearings of this type to withstand heavy loads, including shock.
SKF company produces a wide variety of bearings- support rollers in design and application. These bearings are available in a greased and ready-to-mount units. The most widespread these bearings have in roller drives, conveyor systems, etc.

тороидальные роликоподшипники CARB

Toroidal roller bearings CARB - a new type of roller bearings, which carries a number of advantages.
CARB bearing is a single-row roller bearing with relatively long, slightly barrel-shaped rollers. Raceway inner and outer rings are in the shape of a torus - hence the name "toroidal bearing." Toroidal roller bearing SKF is floating bearing, which combines the self-aligning spherical roller bearing capacity with the acceptability of the axial displacement, as a cylindrical or needle roller bearing. These bearings should be installed as a floating shaft bearings.

разъемные подшипники Cooper

Besides the standard bearing products, we offer split bearings Cooper. These bearings combine two important aspects of cost-effective technology: flexibility and reliability. Flexibility - because detachable design allows access to the bearing and its parts without the need to dismantle the components located next to the bearing. Reliability - because these bearings are able to operate even in the problematic nodes of equipment.

радиальный сферический подшипник скольжения

Along with rolling bearings, we offer plain bearings of various designs and models, as well as linear motion systems based on rolling bodies and sliding bearings.

подшипниковый корпус

Our company also offers to supply housing units and bearing housings, including sites such as Y, fixed split and one-piece bearing housing, flanged bearing housing.

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