Industrial Power Transmission


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The widespread use of industrial transmission in sites and mechanisms is dictated by the fact that:

  1. required speeds applicable to machines do not match the optimal speed of engines;
  2. for the proper functioning of a number of industrial equipment must be able to control speed;
  3. most engines provide uniform rotational motion, but for many types of industries need different types of motion: linear, screw, etc.
  4. due to many factors, in particular, because of the size, operating conditions, there is no opportunity to connect the engine directly with working equipment.

In general, the mechanical transmission is used to transmit rotary motion, but often elements of power transmission are used to convert rotary motion to linear or vice versa.

One of the most common methods of transmitting rotary motion is the belt drive. Belt transmission includes many types of belts and profiles, including V-belts, ribbed belts, timing belts, etc.

клиновой ременьV-belts have a trapezoidal cross section with side Cutting Edge. These types of belts running on pulleys, which grooves have the appropriate profile. Due to the principle of operation of the WEDGE belts, their distinctive feature is the increased friction with pulleys, which in turn contributes to the traction capabilities.

поликлиновой ременьRibbed belts simultaneously combine the advantages of two types of belts - flat and wedge. Like flat belts, ribbed belts are noted by solidity and flexibility, as well as V-belts have a high adhesive force with pulleys.
Ribbed belts are used in various engineering industries.

зубчатый ременьTiming belts are differed by projections on the inner surface which engages with reciprocal teeth on the pulley, provide synchronous transmission of rotation without slipping.
Timing belts are mainly used in drives with precise positioning and high transmitted power.

шкивPulleys are made by cast iron, steel, aluminum or magnesium alloys. There are many different designs of pulleys. Installation of the pulley on the shaft can be made after boring of inner holes in the pulley with taper bushing with the correct diameter of hole for the shaft, with key or serrated joints.

конусная втулкаTaper bushings are used to set the pulleys or sprockets on the shaft without additional processing. Bushings are made in certain sizes with a variety of internal holes for the shaft. For easy installation and removal, easy to perform. One size coupling can be used on several types of pulleys. Change in the diameter of the shaft involves only replacing tapered bushing, not the pulley, which reduces the cost of operating the equipment. Taper bushings do not violate the balancing pulley.

приводная муфтаThe drive coupling is used to transmit torque between the two shafts. Shafts can be a continuation of each other. Often coupling installed between the shaft and the parts that are installed on it, such as pulleys, gears, etc. Couplings justified in the case of coaxial connections and approximately coaxial shafts and shafts with mutually inclined intersecting axes. Depending on the application there are: compensating couplings, gear couplings, disc couplings, flexible couplings, etc.

фиксирующая втулкаFixing sleeve (clamping hub) are part assembly or mechanism designed to transmit torque. Bushings, using friction, transmit torque with a smooth cylindrical shaft driven by a node with a smooth cylindrical bore. These sleeves are supplied in ready-made and ready to be installed immediately.

уплотнение SKFSeals in machinery are used mainly for sealing the input and output shafts of equipment. The main tasks of the seals are to hold lubricants in the machine housing and the protection of the internal cavities of unit components from entering of various pollutants outside. Also seals are used when necessary to ensure sealing of cavities, with different gases and liquids under high pressure. To be effective, industrial gaskets have to work with a minimum of friction and wear, even under adverse conditions. In order to meet the requirements of various equipment and operating conditions, industrial gaskets are made of different designs, materials and designs. Each of these designs and combinations of materials has specific properties, which makes industrial gaskets suitable for use in a specific equipment.

цепь приводнаяDrive Chains and chain devices are widely used in many branches of engineering. The chains are used to transmit motion from source movement to receiving note unit. The drive chain is simple in execution, reliable means of transmission power, while having high efficiency. Very often, the transfer process goes with the conversion of speeds and torques. By type of work performed, all chains can be divided into driving, load and pull chains.

звездочка приводнаяSprocket is a profiled wheel with teeth meshing with the chain or other transfer devices. Sprockets and chains are used to transmit torque from one shaft to another where slippage is unacceptable. Sprockets have different designs, but, as a rule, have no flanges. Some types of sprockets that are used with timing belts have flanges to keep the belt centered. Sprockets for chains can operate at high speed, and some chains are designed for quiet operation at these high speeds.

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