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пневмоопораPneumatic air springs were developed by Firestone, to fill the need for better suspension system for trucks, trailers and buses. Spring Airide ™, as they were called, allows the suspension to reduce the amount of shock and vibration experienced by the vehicle. Billions of miles of actual use have proven the reliability and effectiveness of the concept of air suspension, which uses springs Airide from Firestone. Insulators Airmount and actuators Airstroke are products further application and refinement of springs Airide. In fact, they are the same product, but are used for purposes that are defined by their names. Some of them, however, are designed for specific applications and not necessarily that all 3 types of pneumatic springs can be interchanged.
Airsprings are high-engineered elastomeric bellows with specially designed, sealed with metal ends. Bellows itself consists of layers of rubber, fabric reinforced with a standard design and the use of two layers of a special fabric as a core. Options with high durability designed for the perception of large loads and pressure are available in many versions. Insulators Airmount and actuators Airstroke can withstand loads up to 45 tons and can provide speed to 35 centimeters. Standard pneumatic springs work in the temperature range from -38 ° C to 58 ° C, and for some products developed special blends, which extend this range.

прокладки и уплотненияSeals are manufactured on CNC machines using method of cutting by water, abrasive compounds and laser - depending on the requirements, raw material quality and quantity.
Gaskets TT Gasket are designed using SAPR and manufactured on CNC equipment. Gaskets TT Gaskets fully meet the expectations of customers. This means stability of results even in the long term. TT Gaskets company produces only the highest quality gaskets, never compromising.

тарельчатые пружиныMubea Belleville springs is high-tech product. Disc springs match to the highest international quality standards. Belleville springs Mubea - an integration of know-how, modern quality management systems and years of experience. Due to its universality, disc springs are used in a variety of industries, ranging from systems with pressure relief valve operating at a depth of 3000 meters below sea level, to satellites in space.
Belleville springs are manufactured in accordance with DIN 2093, as well as its own internal standards of the manufacturer. The range includes disc springs with outside diameters up to 800 mm with internal and external disk slots, and wavy spring. All products are made at the same factory, from the production of blanks on their own cold rolling mill. Besides of steel 51 CrV 4 (SAE 6150), Mubea always keeps stocks of various antimagnetic, corrosion-and heat-resistant materials for special types of disc springs.

тарельчатые пружиныSealing rings Fey - this is labyrinth seals, are a set of sealing rings with a unique design. Fey rings come in many different designs developed specifically to meet the requirements of specific environments, making them useful in many industries. Materials, design, manufacturing technology and experience of application make rings Fey very effective for many applications.

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